Buy People Posters posters for your lovely home

Pictures of people is a big thing in art. No wonder. As a species, we are very preoccupied with ourselves and each other. Hwo we look, behave and interact. Human bodies, our faces and expressions, our clothing and human activities, are often the motifs of artists and as such, images of people occupy a great percentage of all art.

Posters with people can be seen as a picture of the time and the society we live in. The artistic expression can be different and the forms reproduced may be only faintly recognizable as human and sometimes completely abstract.

Although an image is two-dimensional, we easily perceive shapes as if they depict something that is familiar to us. A single line may be enough for us to decode a line-art poster. An outline of a body or the profile of a face is recognizable to us as a picture of a human being. Sometimes the simplest thing can trigger your curiosity and start an inner narrative in the person looking at the poster.