Dove of Peace – Leo Gestel Art Print

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The Dove of Peace print is a reproduction of an original pencil, paint and ink drawing by Leo Gestel (Leendert Gestel). Gestel was born into an artistic family, with a father and an uncle who were both being artists. His work expanded over different styles, touching cubism, expressionism and futurism with traces of fauvism in what developed in to his own distinctive style.

The Dove of Peace drawing has been digitized and adapted to the print format. It has been given a gentle clean-up to preserve the characteristics of the original artwork in the reproduction.


  • Artist: Leo Gestel
  • Original Medium: Pencil, ink and paint on paper
  • Size: 21x30cm, 30x40cm
  • Year: 1918


The artwork is printed on premium 190g matte archival grade paper using high-density water-based inks. This gives a clear print with superb colors and excellent durability.

Frame is not included.
Dove of Peace – Leo Gestel Art Print