Ohara Koson Poster - Flowering Water Lilies

Ohara Koson Poster – Flowering Water Lilies



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Poster with a vintage Japanese design of water lilies in a pond.

The print of the flowering water lilies belong to the Kachō-e genre – A sub-genre of the ukiyo-e prints, concentrating on birds and flowers, as well as other animals and scenes from nature.

The Ohara Koson woodblock print is a typical example of the work by Koson. His pictures of birds and flowers are gaining popularity and they go well with a Japandi style decor.


  • Artist: Ohara Koson
  • Original Medium: Woodblock Print
  • Style: Kachō-e -Birds and flowers


The artwork is printed on premium quality 190g matte archival grade paper using high-density water-based inks. This gives a clear print with superb colors, excellent durability and a luxurious matte finish.
Ohara Koson Poster - Flowering Water Lilies