Lily in bloom - Japanese woodblock print Poster

Lily in bloom – Japanese woodblock print Poster

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The Lily in bloom print is from an old Japanese book of traditional designs for craftsmen. The book was used an inspirational source for designing and decorating craft products like textile patterns, kimonos and embroideries.

The natural motifs of Japanese crafts often refer to local beliefs. Rather than just being a beautiful picture, they are meant to tell you about the spirit and the nature of the objects they are depicting.

The print has been cleaned up and restored digitally to preserve the character of the original woodblock print in the reproduction.


  • Original Medium: Woodblock Print
  • Style: Kachō-e
  • Size: 21x30cm
  • Year: 1850


The artwork is printed on premium quality 190g matte archival grade paper using high-density water-based inks. This gives a clear print with superb colors, excellent durability and a luxurious matte finish.
Lily in bloom - Japanese woodblock print Poster