The Ballroom - Taisho Period Poster

The Ballroom – Taisho Period Poster



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Taisho period poster with a scene from the ballroom of the New Carlton hotel in Shanghai, 1924.

The Taisho period was Japans Jazz age – A time of newfound freedom and liberation. The period was named after the Emperor Taishō and lasted from July 1912 to December 1926. Liberal movements gained popularity in these times and women started getting new rights and adapting to a western inspired lifestyle.

The poster with the image from the New Carlton in Shanghai represents the spirit of the time as captured in the original woodcut print from 1924 by Japanese artist Yamamura Toyonari.


  • Artist: Yamamura Toyonari
  • Original Medium: Woodblock Print
  • Style: Nihonga
  • Year: 1924
  • Source: Rijksmuseum


The artwork is printed on premium quality 190g matte archival grade paper using high-density water-based inks. This gives a clear print with superb colors, excellent durability and a luxurious matte finish.
The Ballroom - Taisho Period Poster